The HR Manager is [IN]

Just over five years ago, I sat across from my company’s CFO with a three part list: Why our company needed a dedicated Human Resources representative, what this person’s duties and responsibilities should be, and why I was the wrong person for the job. A lump in my throat transformed into a knot in my stomach when he scanned the document, handed it back to me, and congratulated me on getting the job. In the time since, I’ve changed states, picked up my first (and second) mortgage, and made a long-overdue return to school.

Along the way, through school, seminars, work experience, and discussions with other professionals, I’ve picked up a few things that may seem obvious to the most seasoned Senior Professional in Human Resources, but continue to prove challenging to most of us. Some of the topics presented come from experience, others will hopefully come from regulatory changes, others still may materialize from nothing more than the author’s imagination.

2 thoughts on “The HR Manager is [IN]

  1. Just a question. If you knew you were the wrong person for the job, why did you present the three-part paper in the first place? I’m curious.


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